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TrueHunters.tv is the first International Hunting Web TV with a Live and an On Demand broadcasting completely free-of-charge. Our Web TV is made by hunters for hunters. Real Hunting is our philosophy and our first priority. We just record and put on video what REALLY happens to us while hunting! That’s why our Hunting Field Tests, Dossiers, Breakdowns and Reports are made without any compromise, kidding or reconstructions. May be our videos are not Spielber’s Style but we hunt on real fields not in Animal’s Parks or Preserve! Enjoy our true hunting videos!

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Hunting field test: Sabatti Mercury Scouts in 223/30-06 + Sightron SIII LR + Photon XT 6,5×50

In this outstanding hunting field test, Alessandro Magno Giangio introduces the brand new Scout Rifles by Sabatti Mercury chambered in .223 and in .30-06. Alessandro has tested the two new Scouts on wild boar, roe, deer and fallow deer hunting using Winchester 64-grain Power Point and Sellier&Bellot 180-grain Partition ammunitions. As scopes Alessandro has used Sightron SIII LR 3.5-10×44 mm with MOA-3

Hunting field test: Benelli 828U + B&P MB Super Gigante-Winter and Dual Shock ammos

In this video Alessandro Magno Giangio introduces us the new Benelli 828U over-under shotgun. Alessandro has extensively tested it in Tuscany, Italy on duck, partridge and woodpigeon hunting using the new Baschieri&Pellagri MB Super Gigante, Wincyet and Dual Shock cartridges…

Hunting field test: Sabatti multi radial rifling barrel cal. 6,5×55 SE

In this special video-test Alessandro Magno Giangio introduces us to one of the most impressive innovation in terms of exterior and interior ballistics applied in sporting and hunting rifles in the last twenty years: the new multiradial barrel developed by the Italian manufacturer Sabatti Mercury that made it especially…

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True HuntersTrueHunters.tv is our second Hunting Web TV with a Live and an On Demand broadcasting completely free-of-charge. The first one is www.cacciatoriveri.tv in Italian language we started one year and half ago: in just 18 months cacciatoriveri.tv made over one million of views with its On Demand and well over 7 million and half views with its Live, outstanding numbers if You consider that they have been made just in Italy! Following the waves of this remarkable outcome we decided to spread our Hunting Web TV’s philosophy also in the International market with an English language Web TV, www.truehunters.tv